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Good ideas Grigor. You are going back to the essence of photography. 75 years ago, 95% of all photographers had only one lens! Less is more..... You have a great 8.2 downloads per image ratio. I don't see that often! You know what to photograph.

inviato in Traveling in China with a fixed-lens camera

How about selling some images? Look at what some of the top Dreamstime photographers are doing. Being a professional photographer ( by definition=making money at it ) you have to anticipate what will sell. You can't just go around and mak ... [Leggi di più...]

inviato in The One & Only Thing A Good Photographer Must Remember

Too bad the world has gone off it's rocker. If you're a man, everybody immediately assume you're a pedofile.

inviato in 5 Reasons Why Children Are Magical

Christian Delbert


Carlisle, United States
Christian Delbert (Babar760)

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I'm still waiting for my best shot

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August 25, 2006
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