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What you have in your portfolio is pretty good. Pay a little more attention to composition, for better shots.Sometimes getting lower down, or higher up, or off a little to one side, will make a better picture. Keep on looking for things that are unusual ... [Leggi di più...]

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Once a year, or thereabouts.

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Wow, that's specific and obscure!I did some checking, and as far as I can tell, nobody is selling those images as stock anywhere. You can find a few of the physical photos for sale on eBay, and on sites for cruise fans, but I doubt you'll find ... [Leggi di più...]

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Darla Hallmark


Albuquerque, United States
Darla Hallmark (Therealdarla)

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I never like writing these things, I think I am rather boring. My work is much more interesting than I am.

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May 31, 2006
Nikon D70, standard lens
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flowers, dirt, holes in the ground, animals, garbage, etc.
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