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Bobby Flowers


San Diego, United States
Bobby Flowers (Dnadigital)

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"Leaving something to the imagination...I once read that the difference between porn and art is
the lighting. I disagree. Good erotic art or photography comes in many forms, from gestures,
facial expressions, or the exposure (or lack of) the human form in an effort to 'stimulate' and/or
'arouse'. The universal truth, however, is that we are all stimulated by differences. And, it is those
differences I find truly fascinating; erotic or not..."

June 1, 2005
Canon Rebel, my Quick Wit and Ability to Talk Men and Women out of their Clothes... :)
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EVERYTHING, My Gallery isn't just nudes and semi nudes. :) There is something for everyone.
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Fotografo affermato tra September 5, 2005 e September 12, 2005

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